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hanna marin + red.

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If this doesn’t give you feels, you are a heartless bitch.


cute thing ever!


'and I'm here with..'

All Troyler collabs

grantgust: I nominated @druidDUDE, @chriscolfer, @kmoolah, @tylergus10, & @GBerlanti. Let’s see those videos…

chriscolfer: Grant thinks since he’s the Flash he can bully people now… #ALSicebucketchallenge @grantgust

adamlambert: Thanks @chriscolfer @thecharlbrown @matthewstephensmith!

Palette Matchup [insp]


favorite characters:  Tris Prior (Divergent series)

“Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again.”

The eyes are open and empty. Dark. Doll’s eyes. And the no se has a high arch, a narrow bridge, a round tip. The lips are blue. The face it self is something other than human, half corpse and half creature. My lungs burn; my next breath rattles on the way in. Al. 

My mother says there’s an art to losing yourself. But I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m supposed to never think of myself, to always help others. To never look too long in the mirror.